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"One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important.” — Bertrand Russel


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I worked @ the San Diego Supercomputer Center from about 1999->2006. Here are projects I have liked:



2000: Beat The Heat: My first "education" project. I've done a bazillion of similar things since then but this one will always be my favorite. "Beat the Heat" is an edu-game designed to teach kids about heat transfer...Xork the alien has crashed on earth and has placed himself in a state of suspended animation frozen in a block of ice. You have to save him from melting by placing tiles of different materials around him before the ice melts and he dies. I even added a cool "experiment" feature so you can run heat-transfer experiments on the isolated tiles BEFORE you try em out on our poor alien friend. done in C++/openGL/GLUT in 2000. Mad props to Sean Hougton for helping me refactor my crappy C code (as well as teaching me 90% of what I know about programming in general)

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(download PC version) (download IRIX version)


from teaching at Preuss...Jason Wiskerchen and I taught a multimedia (Flash/Web Design/ActionScript) at Preuss for 2 years

2001: To showcase the projects of our Preuss students I made this interface in Flash featuring a randomized sound (the vocal stylings of BJM + some fruity flute loops from ACID) and animations on top of a Ludacris loop. 2001 Preuss Project Portal (projects not included here)

2002: The multimedia class of 2002 got a less snazzy but pretty cool spinny tetrahedron as an interface to their site 2002 Preuss class . The same code for this useless menu later became a USEFUL 3D molecule visulazation tool after Flash introduced the XML object Opiates module click on "3D interactive module", I've used it a million times since.

pretty pictures from boring data:

1999: TransExamine: visualization and analysis tool for kinetic data from POLYRATE. My first project EVER at SDSC also done in C++/openGL/GLUT. (screen-shot) (download PC version) (download IRIX version)

2002: The motion of the ocean over 10 years: visualization of vector-fields for wind velocity, salinity & ocean depth from computational models from Stammers physical oceanography lab at SIO (this is from when I was working with Steve Cutchin in the vis-group)used openDX. purdy to look at


2000-2002: That's right I worked on a project named "CUCSEC". I swear it wasn't pornographic in nature.



Covered in Cling-film :

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Before leaving SDSC I moved into the Computaional Chemistry group under Kim Baldridge. I have some leftover projects that involve my M.S. thesis and Kim's projects in San Diego

Finished my M.S. in Computational Chemistry in Summer 2005:

Computational Methodologies for Studying Reactions in Solution : from Direct Dynamics to Solvation Methods. Practical Applications to MTBE.


My plans for GAMESS/POLYRATE/TransExamine



Computational Chemistry Scientific Workflows

tools/tutorials and modules:


The Kinetics of Smog

Quantum Chemistry in the Environment

GAMESS tutorial (in dev)

POLYRATE tutorial (on semi-permanent hiatus)

Baldridge Group

ADB Research Lab chem-blog (restricted access)

YP Research chem-blog (restricted access)


Ready to Eat :


I am currently working under Kim Baldridge in the Organic Chemistry Institute @ the University for Zurich. My current research projects will focus on comutational methods for rational drug design using the serotonin g-protein system as a model system.



Current Research


I've long thought serotonin was the coolest molecule ever (linked to autism, depression and the mechansim of hallucinogenic drug action) so I'm going to spend a few years studying it.

more info in: "green eggs and ham"


also! coming soon: The wonderful exploding adventures of Yohann and Anne in the Lab!