stuff that irritates, agitates and/or frustrates me

Why is it so green?

no, i don't know either

have a cookie

you will never get to know


brought to you by Sam Brown,


It dropped so low in my regard
I heard it hit the ground,
And go to pieces on the stones
At bottom of my mind;

Yet blamed the fate that fractured, less
Than I reviled myself
For entertaining plated wares
Upon my silver shelf.

-emily dickinson

A garland of precepts

Though a seeker since my birth,
Here is all I've learned on earth,
This is the gist of all I know
Give advice and buy a foe.
Random truths are all I find
Stuck like burrs about my mind.
Salve a blister. Burn a letter.
Do not wash a cashmere sweater.
Tell a tale but seldom twice.
Give a stone before advice.

Pressed for rules and verities,
All I recollect are these:
Feed a cold and starve a fever.
Argue with no true believer.
Think-too-long is never act.
Scratch a myth and find a fact.
Stitch in time saves twenty stiches.
Give the rich, to please them, riches.
Give to love your hearth and hall,
But do not give advice at all.

-Phyllis McGinley(1905-1978)