Message from "the Chink" in "Even Cowgirls get the Blues" by Tom Robbins:

"Life isn't simple; it's overwhelmingly complex. The love of simplicity is an escapist drug, like alchohol. It's an antilife attitude. These 'simple' people who sit around in drab clothes in bleak rooms sipping peppermint tea by candlelight are mocking death. Death is simple but life is rich. I embrace that richness, the more complicated the better. I revel in disorder and..."

"But your cave isn't disorderly," protested Sissy. "It's neat and clean."

"I'm not a slob, if that's what you mean. Slobs don't love disorder. They're ineffectual people who are disorderly because they can't help themselves. It's not the same. I set my cave in order knowing that life's disorder will only mess it up again. That's beautiful, that's right, that's part of the paradox. The beauty of simplicity is the compexity it attracts.."

"The beauty of simplicity you say? Then you do find value in simplicity. You've contradicted yourself." Julian had taught Sissy to sniff out contradictions,

"Of course I've contradicted myself. I always do. Only cretins and logicians don't contradict themselves. And in their consistency, they contradict life."

these are a few of my favorite things

it's not like these things are sitting on an altar in my home.... just a smattering of stuff i feel like yappin' about really
  1. fee fi foe fum: My Bean necklace. A graduation gift from PEA. Most definately a bean...yet it resembles a heart...ain't that precious, but not TOO precious? my mishapen bean-heart has extra special appeal. With all that rain promises and more...Could a symbol get any better? ( it does! I also love to EAT beans )

  2. Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Agarbatti: the blue box with orange writing will bring you one step closer to the ultimate olfactory experience.
  3. this is the best-smelling lavender-stuff ever: Gardener's Hand Therapy by Crabtree and Evelyn.
  4. best shampoo: Body Shop's Seaweed-Peony Shampoo This shampoo was discontinued for a year or two. but they brought it back (in 2001 i think). After the shock and horror of almost losing my favorite shampoo I can't stop myself from hoarding bottles of this stuff. As of 2005 it was discontinued AGAIN....sigh.
  5. laundry detergent: GAIN original scent (also discontinued). the "Fresh Scent" that replaced it reminds me of someones eeeevil grandma.
  6. Soap! Soapman! I discovered this soap at Portland's Saturday Market in 1995. It will never leave you dirty or lonely.
silly picture of Anne Dara



dad: coming soon (he's more camera shy)

old pic of my Mom and Grandpa in thailand

my Mom and Grandpa in Thailand

my Grandma (Cun Yie), Mom and sister in Thailand

my Grandma (Cun Yie), Mom and sister in Thailand.

my Grandma and Grandpa Bowen in Florida

my Grandma and Grandpa Bowen in Florida.

my Mom and dad

my Mom and dad

interested in Thai culture?