Greg is a friend of Yohann's from Brussels. Apparently they met on some forum that Yohann is completely obsessed with. He came out to visit Yohann one time here in Zurich. He brought a ton of good Belgium beer and AMARULA (a Bailey's like concoction from South Africa). He happened to be here for my 30th birthday which means he gets to be in the special "adb-turns-30" party club ( at the time had only been in Zurich one week). He posted this recipe on his blog a while back and then took it OFF. I have saved it for posterity and even translated it into ENGLISH for all ya'll!


Bon, d’abord, un grand merci à Anne pour l’énergie, j’ai évité de justesse la bolognèse en pot.
Ensuite, merci à ma maman pour m’avoir parlé de sa sauce au boursin.

Bon, eau bouillante, il nous reste 11 minutes 30 pour préparer la sauce, une fois que les excellents spaghettis De Cecco sont dans l’eau. (L’utilisation d’une autre marque est aux risques et périls du chef)

Poële, huile d’olive, feu moyen.
Une poignée d’oignons grelots, épluchés. On peut tenter une légère caramélisation au miel. Sel, poivre et autre herbes sèches. (origan, sauge, basilic)

Quand on le sent, on balance un demi pot de Boursin à cuisiner à la tomate-provencal-jesaisplustropquoi. On laisse fondre un peu le machin en remuant.. Et toujours quand on le sent, on balance à peu près 3/4 d’une boite de tomates épépinées. Evidemment, là, y’en a qui pourraient faire les malins, et le faire avec des tomates fraîches… lachez les comms lol mdr !

Ben voilà.. on laisse revenir gentiment.
On peut ajouter quelques gentilles écorces de Grana Padano, ou de l’autre fromage à-peu-près-pareil-mais-qu’il-vaut-mieux-pas-le-dire, en plus cher.

Idéalement, en fait, et au contraire de ce que j’ai écris plus haut, il faudrait commencer toute cette opération avant de mettre les pâtes à l’eau, pour plus de synchro.

Et puis voilà, viendra bien un moment où on le sentira vraiment, il restera à servir les pâtes (qu’on n’aura pas manqué d’égouter et de reserver lorsqu’elles ont été al dente), saucer, et pour les gros gourmands comme moi, rajouté la dose de fromage râpé - l’emmenthal de maman ayant fait mon affaire.

Bon app, et surtout bonne chance. Pour les plus aventureux, je pourrais tenter de reproduire l’experience, si vous aviez la bonne idée de vous inviter dans mon chez moi.

anne's translation attempt

so my french ain't great. Here is my "translation"...i felt free to improvise and expound on what I didn't understand


well, first a big thanks to Anne for motivating me to get off my ass and cook myself some yummy dinner instead of just boring canned tomato sauce. YOU RULE. Thanks to my Mom for telling me about the boursin sauce.

It will take 30 minutes to prepare the sauce and 11 minutes to cook the spaghetti in boiling water. De Cecco is THE BOMB. You had better use De Cecco spaghetti OR ELSE SUCKA!

Slowly cook (Poële ) olive oil and a peeled baby round onion. You can carmelize this with some honey if you like. Add salt pepper and other herbs (oregeno, sage, basil). After it's ready, add half a thing of Boursin to be cooked with the tomato-provencal-stuff. Let it melt while stirring.

Add about 3/4 of a jar of sun-dried tomatos. You could use fresh tomatos instead. RELEASE THE ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES! Ya, just go nuts with whatever tomato ingredient suits your fancy. Mmm hmmm.

OK, now lets get back to business.

You can add some curls of of good cheese like Gran Padano...or whatever else cheap-ass piece of shit cheese you choose. I should have written this before so you could have started doing this before you made the sauce so it would be ready at the same time. Oh well.

Well then, everything should be smelling really good and you can serve the sauce (with the spaghetti which you better have cooked al dente) and for the large greedy ones like me, add a butt-load of grated cheese - i used the Emmenthaler cheese from my Mom.

Gooood Eats! Most of all Goooood Luck. If your crazy adventurous...I could try to reproduce this experiment if you have the fantastic idea of inviting youself to my rulin' pad.

gregs notes (i asked greg to comment on/fix my "translation")

via IM:

» hahaha :lol: " lachez les comms lol mdr !", is one of those idiotic thing kids say on their uninteresting blogs on
» and i see you grasped the lacher verbe then somehow made up something with an attack of tomatoes ahaha

» I just really wanted to say "ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOS" so i figured that was as good a place as any since I had no clue what you meant. what does it mean?

hmm like please add comments, in some dumbass way



"You can add some curls of of good cheese like Gran Padano...or whatever else cheap-ass piece of shit cheese you choose."
»what i meant is "grana padano, or the other-one-which-is-slightly-the-same-but-more-expensive-but-shuusshh-don't-say-or-else-your-italian-friend-will-kill-you"

» you said " I should have written this before so you could have started doing this before you made the sauce so it would be ready at the same time. Oh well."

actually, what this meant is "that i should have written about the sauce before talking about boiling water and pasta, because it's taking more time than boiling water and pasta"


Poële is actually the object in which you cook, not the way you do it
4:47 PM
» in my case, that is
(but I understand your mistake since that hardly looks like a sentence)

this is a poële ok?


other than that i'm pretty amazed by the good job you've done hehe
» what's my "rulin' pad" ?
that was just a dumb "cool" way to say your home
» ah gottit
ok so there's no specific reason why the word pad is used for this, and rulin' just because it rules